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GamifAI Generate & Mint: First User-Generated Games in Bitcoin

Executive Summary

The birth of GamifAI marks the first-ever use of Bitcoin ordinals in a user-generated game project. This pioneering project allows gamers and creators to design, generate, and mint their creations directly to the Bitcoin blockchain. Combining the unmatched security and permanence of Bitcoin with cutting-edge technology, GamifAI creates a unique ecosystem where games are not simply played but lived—a perfect marriage of art, technology, and gaming.


1.1 Background

The digital age has seen gaming evolve from a simple entertainment activity to something more intricate, with colossal ecosystems involving significant communities. Blockchain technology further enhances this evolution with unprecedented security and user ownership.

1.2 Vision

GamifAI envisions a world where anyone is empowered to become a game creator, using the Bitcoin blockchain’s potent and unyielding power as a host for games that may one day be traded and played on platforms like Magic Eden.

1.3 Motto

“Generate & Mint” embraces creativity and ownership, allowing users to craft and immortalize their game visions on the Blockchain.

The GamifAI Generate & Mint Project

2.1 Overview

GamifAI offers a project that allows users to create a completely customized and interactive game through a simple but powerful interface. It features 50 levels, each with its own difficulty setting, and multiple character choices. These games are optimized for fun and engagement, despite their simplicity for blockchain compatibility.

2.2 Generation of the Games

Users can easily input their desired game features into a game generator. The system processes this input intelligently and returns a game very close to the user’s specifications, even in cases of inexact specifications.

2.3 Ordinals

Games are minted as Bitcoin ordinals, forever part of the immutable Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring their preservation and accessibility worldwide.

The Pass System

3.1 Acquisition and Utility Pass

Game passes can be minted by whitelisted members. If users wish to trade them instead of creating their own game, they can do so in marketplaces. Once used for minting, the pass is burned, decreasing the total supply and adding rarity to the specific pass.

3.2 Pass

Passes can be redeemed at any time with no expiration, empowering users to mint games whenever they want, whether it be in 10 years or immediately.

Market Strategy

4.1 Target Audience

For gamers and crypto-enthusiasts seeking new interactive digital entertainment, and artists and developers interested in the convergence of gaming and blockchain technology.

4.2 Marketing and Outreach

The project will be promoted through collaborative partnerships with established gaming and crypto platforms, community development via social and media forums, and gaming conventions. Open incentive systems are in place for early adopters and community leaders.

4.3 Reserved Supply

A small portion of the total supply will be held by the team for promotions, rewards, and collaborations.

4.4 After Mint Phase

User generated games will not just be a big part of the Bitcoin Ordinals culture but also a part of the broader culture.

More information about after mint phase will be available after mint.

Technical Specifications

5.1 Integration

Written in a highly optimized format, games can live efficiently on the Bitcoin blockchain, using its security and decentralization to guarantee the integrity and permanence of the games.

5.2 Accessibility and Playability

GamifAI-generated games will be accessible through web interfaces by creators or players and through leading gaming portals. The user interfaces are friendly for both creators and users.


GamifAI is not just a game development tool; it is access to a new era in blockchain digital art and entertainment. GamifAI allows users to create and maintain their games right on Bitcoin, keeping them in tune with the next innovation for gaming.

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