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Innovation in Bitcoin

A change is coming to web3. A storm is brewing in Bitcoin. A project unlike any other. One above all. Generate & mint your own game as a playable ordinal.

First In Bitcoin

First In Web3

User Generated Games

Global Community

Playable Ordinal

Autistic Team Members

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


AI News

Dall-E, GPT, or Ada.

AI-Powered Generation

Advanced Dashboard

Multi-Lingual Support

Two Factor Authent.

Payment Gateways

Referral System



Knows a guy who knows a guy or knows the guy.



Doesn't like talking. Fueled by pure autism.


Dev Advisor

If you don't believe him or don't get it...Too bad.

So, how does it even work?

Get whitelisted

In order generate your game, you need whitelist. Join our community for the oppurtunities!

Generate your game

Generate & Mint your own game using our mint page when the time is right.

Forever in Bitcoin

Own the game you generated forever and ever in Bitcoin network!

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